Tree planting

Tree planting

مدیر ۱۴۰۱/۰۳/۲۶

Global Tree Planting Campaign

The tree is one of the most beautiful creations and the source of God's provision on earth. An expressive manifestation of the greatness of God. On the one hand, the tree is a symbol of prosperity and life, and on the other hand, it is the beating heart of producing oxygen and absorbing toxic gases, including carbon dioxide.

 In fact, it can be said that water and trees cause life. Because of all this, we invite you to join the tree planting campaign and go hand in hand, using the fewest available facilities, ie a few seeds (fruit kernels), to take a useful step to improve the nature around us.


It is recommended to have a few seeds (fruit kernels) with us when we plan to go out for fun and outings, so that we can sow our seeds in the ground where there are suitable conditions for plant growth (and enough water). Note that to sow the seeds, you must first pour some water on the ground to make it moist, then press your finger on this part of the ground that has become wet to create a hole the size of two fingertips. Now we put the seed in the created hole and fill it with soil. Finally, pour a small amount of water on the soil.