Color explanation

Color explanation

مدیر ۱۳۹۹/۰۷/۰۹

European Kids toys certified.
Toy standard EN 71 -3.
This European directive controls the transfer of some dangerous elements such as barium, cadmium, mercury, etc. in different types of toys.

Holds American Leed Certificate. Leed certification or leadership in energy and environmental design is the most extensive green building rating system in the world.
Leed is valid in more than 165 countries.
The only paint in the world that has a VOC of 0% (volatile organic matter such as a 0% thinner) and does not pose the slightest risk to a child's health.

French law that measures the amount of VOCs in products and gives a grade from + A (lowest emission) to C (highest emission).


If you smell the painted parts, it smells of natural oils and is not dangerous for the baby.